Travel CO2 Emissions API

Get Travel CO2 data directly from the API and use it in your own application.

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  • Smart routing using the Discovery feature
  • Simple endpoints for transport and accommodation
  • Endpoint for comparing travel
  • Supports complex trips with multiple stops and mixed transport types
  • Comprehensive transport type, vehicle and fuel type support
  • Get localized accommodation emissions at any step of the trip
  • Transparent data and methodology


  • Integrate emissions into travel agency apps & booking sites
  • Carbon receipts for travel related purchases
  • Custom CO2 travel impact visualizations
  • Your own climate travel data idea

API Access & Search & Visualizations


(excl. VAT)

per month
  • 30 000 monthly API hits
  • 10 000 monthly API steps using DISCOVERY
  • 2 000 monthly form searches
  • 25 trips for sharing and embedding
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Smart trip discovery

Find real world travel routes and their carbon emissions using the Discovery feature to find travel routes, distances, durations, transport types, location data and airports from simple placenames or geographical points.

All you need is the name of the starting point and the destination. Pick one or more travel types and the API will suggest real world trips and calculate their carbon impact.

Flexible transport data

The API supports flying, public transport, bicycling, walking and driving. Many different vehicle types and fuels are available for carbon calculation.

Calculate CO2 for short simple trips or for complex multi-step trips using different travel types, vehicles and fuels.

Localized hotel CO2

Calculate accommodation emissions for any steps along the trip based on type, country, number of nights and number of people.

Hotel and hostel accommodations are adjusted to local average emissions on a per country level.

How do you want to use travel climate data?

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